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Imperial Mining to Participate in ERES2020 Conference from October 6 – 8


Imperial Mining to Participate in ERES2020 Conference from October 6 – 8

Dear Imperial Mining Friends,

The ERES conference aspires to be a European and international forum for the academic, industrial and social stakeholders of the REE industry. Advances in all fields and aspects of REEs will be presented and discussed at the conference. This year, the ERES2020 conference will take place over 3 days (06 – 08 /10/2020) with sessions starting each day at 11:00 and finishing at 15:30 Central European time.

Imperial Mining’s Founder & CEO Peter Cashin will be one of the keynote speakers, sharing his view on “Building a Global Scandium Supply Chain” and the importance of the Crater Lake Scandium Project in making it a reality. Located in the North East of Quebec and surrounded by major Canadian Aluminum producers, the Crater Lake Project is positioned as a sustainable and long-term source of Scandium to the Western world. 

Register to be a part of it.

Warm regards,
Imperial Mining Group

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