About us

An indispensable tool!


In 1996, Pierre Richard becomes the first representative of the Le Minerai agenda and its owner 10 years later.

Always looking for new products, designs and development, and thanks to its growth efforts, this directory became immensely successful from 2006 to date.

The constant evolution of the directory makes it an indispensable work tool and a reference book for people in action.

The growing popularity and the interest of the portals, which we made for you, are an instrument of simple and easy searchs for access.

We are convinced that it will become an essential tool for all actors of different fields.

A section will be booked for the MINES, EXPLORATION AND the FORESTRY as well asthe various services connected to these industries.

In short, a tool allowing all users to quickly find resources related to the targeted industries.

It is the ideal opportunity for your company to promote its products and services.